Hour  6

I make him v.


I let her v.


I have him v.

I get him to v.

I ask him to v.


I help him v.

I help him to v.


I stop them from ving.

I keep them from ving. 


Hour  7

 I am ready to v.

 I am set to v.

 I am about to v.

 I begin to v.

 I begin ving.

 I start to v.

 I start ving.

 I am in the middle of ving.

 I keep on ving.

 I go on ving.

 I continue to v.

 I continue ving.

 I stop ving.

 I guit ving.

 I am done ving.

 I am finished ving.

 I finish ving.


Hour  8

I have the chance to v.

I get the opportunity to v.

I see him v.

I see him ving.

I hear her v.

I hear her ving.

I tend to v.

I pretend to v.

I almost v (past).


Hour  9

 I am interested in ving.

 It is worth ving.

 It is worthwhile ving.

 It is worth it to v.

 I hope to v.

 I only v.

 I just v.

 I would rather v.

 I would prefer to v.

 I would prefer ving.

 I prefer to v.

 I prefer ving.


Hour  10

All I do is v.

I may v.

I might v.

I may as well v.

I might as well v.

There is no point ving.

There is no use ving.

There is no sense ving.

I can't help ving.

I can't help but ving.

There isn't anything I can             do but v.

There is nothing I can do             but v.

I happen to v.